Indoor activities

Indoor activities are used to strengthen the company identity, to understand better the team dynamics and to develop a better communication between the employees so as to increase their cooperation skills and to find solutions to existing problems.
The team spirit and the motivation that emerge through the activities that are under the control of expert trainers and coordinators from the beginning to the end of the events are kept high which increases the success and productivity rates. Everyone, including the company executives, are expected to participate in these activities. The aim here is to emphasize the power of unity and solidarity among all employees.

Why indoor activities?

Since individuals with different cultures and characters work in a workplace, it is sometimes difficult to create unity and solidarity among employees and team spirit. Indoor activities can be preferred not only in workplaces but also with the aim of bringing together people from different cultures. In a short time, it serves to reinforce the feeling of integrating teammates with everyone who works with each other or who should be in the same environment.
Games within indoor activities are also held to add depth and dimension to a conference theme and to color the environment. Since all the activities here are carried out indoors, the primary concern should be not to bore the people who play the games.
Emitour does not leave you and your employees alone in the process of creating and executing  such entertaining events.

What are some of the indoor activities?

Indoor activity is designed according to the team games decided under the corporate training title, the duration, the size of the area, the type of message desired to be given at the end of the activity, the size of the groups, and a setup process begins after everyone’s approval is received. The games of the selected teams are divided into teams of at least 5 and maximum 10 people and the games are started at the same time. If teams want to change places or change players during the editing process, these can also be provided. Games usually run between 15 and 25 minutes.
Tea and coffee breaks are also given during the game. Both the needs of the participants are met and better concentration on the game is ensured. Among the main indoor activities; include icebreakers, mummy dress up, memory game, ring of friends, helium hula hoop, straw tower, catapult, flying egg, traffic, minefield, everyone aboard, blind castle, obstacle course.
For those who are wondering what an indoor activity is, we tried to provide you with helpful information in this blog post. Call now to get more information.